We Heard Them Say: Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, Jr. about his father WWI veteran James “Jim” Guy Tucker, Sr.


Capt. James Tucker

Alex Crawford interviews former Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, Jr. about his grandfather. Captain James “Jim” Guy Tucker, Sr. served in 353rd Infantry in frontline combat during Meuse-Argonne Offensive, suffering injury from German shelling and gas attack on November 1, 1918

Creator: Jim Guy Tucker, Jr.

Interviewer: Alex Crawford, 12th grade, Little Rock Central High School

Time Period: Early 20th Century 1901-1940 (gr 7-8); Early 20th Century (Progressive Era and WW1) (gr 9-12)

Location: Pulaski County



Additional media: Interview transcription; Young Historians project journal; Arkansas Declaration of Learning teacher resources; Primary sources: Arkansas and the Great War; Video: Arkansas and the Great War, Camp Pike; UA Little Rock Center for Arkansas Studies lesson plan

Part One

audio recording, 13 minutes 34 seconds


Part Two

audio recording, 12 minutes 53 seconds


Part Three

audio recording, 12 minutes 52 seconds


Part Four

audio recording, 12 minutes 32 seconds