Lesson plans: Arkansas Architects at Work

Objectives: The student will be introduced to what architecture is and how it relates to history, social change and the environment. The student will learn about the history of architecture in Arkansas. The student will be introduced to new vocabulary that pertains to 20th century architecture. The student will learn about two prominent 20th century Arkansas architects. The student will learn what an architect has to consider while designing a building. The student will learn that architectural styles are an expression of taste, the time period, creativity and values of the architect, the client and community.

Creator: Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

Grades: 9-12 High School

Time period: Early 20th Century (Progressive Era and WW1) (gr 9-12); Early 20th Century (Great Depression) (gr 9-12); World War II Through the Civil Rights Era 1941-1967; Modern Era 1968 to Present

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