Territorial Period to Statehood

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The Arkansas Journey (Google Books)

Description Popular textbook used in Arkansas school for late elementary students. Unfortunately, Google Books limits the number of viewable pages to somewhere around 20% of the book. http://books.google.com/books?id=-XEj7Aab644C&lpg=PP1&ots=rjYiEblThJ&dq=%22Arkansas%20History%22&pg=PA2#v=onepage&q&f=false… Continue

An Arkansas History for Young People Teacher’s Guide (Google Books)

Description An Arkansas History for Young People Teacher Guide is provided here, with some pages omitted, by Google Books. Included in the book are printable exercises, answer keys, suggested activities, field trips, timelines, and much more. Note: Unfortunately the Google… Continue

Arkansas: A Narrative History (Google Books)

Description Google books provides access to the majority of this well-known and often used textbook on Arkansas history.… Continue

Make Your Own Underground Railroad Lantern

Note: This activity is verbatim directly from a series of page located here – http://www.arkansascivilwar150.com/research-education/kids-projects/ (pictures available here). Arkansas Connections In early September 1832, eleven-year-old slave Harry boarded the steamboat¬†James Monroe¬†in New Orleans. Even though he traveled by… Continue

Arkansas Post Video – Exploring Arkansas

7 minute video about the Arkansas Post from the Exploring Arkansas series. Topics covered include French settlement of the Arkansas area, the post as capitol of the Arkansas territory, the Civil War in Arkansas, and the Battle of Arkansas Post and Fort Hindman.

"The cradle of Arkansas history is also explored at Arkansas Post near Gillette."

Historic Wolf House Video – Exploring Arkansas

7 minute video about the Historic Wolf House in Norfolk. Part of the Exploring Arkansas series.

"The Wolf House- a two story log building built in 1829 in Norfork happens to be the oldest public structure in Arkansas."