State Symbols

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All About Arkansas


Students will hear a story about the state of Arkansas which includes the shape of Arkansas, where it is positioned within the United States, and describes each Arkansas symbol. After the story, the facts introduced in the book will be reinforced with learning games and table activities.

Arkansas Crossword Puzzle


This crossword puzzle, designed for upper elementary but still relevant for other grade levels, quizzes students on state symbols and other Arkansas trivia.

Arkansas History Ice Breaker



One page bingo style Arkansas History ice breaker. May be used as a review or introductory activity for late elementary to middle school students.


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Arkansas Natural Regions Powerpoints (K-12)


A series of powerpoints for grades K-12 about the six natural regions of Arkansas – the Ozark Mountains, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas River Valley, Mississippi Alluvial Plain, Crowley’s Ridge, and the Gulf Coastal Plain. Also included in the powerpoints are other framework relevant topics such as information about famous Arkansans, the border states, climate, Native Americans of Arkansas, and more.

Arkansas State Songs


Included in this tool for teaching are three of the official Arkansas state songs, along with other historical information.

Arkansas State Symbols and First 100 Days of School Teacher’s Guide


This five page document utilizes entries from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas to teach K-2 Arkansas state symbols framework in conjunction with 100 Days of School math exercises. The document is framework-aligned with the various state symbols being divided into the appropriate grade levels. Covered here are the state flag, tree, insect, beverage, bird, fruit/vegetable, folk dance, instrument, flower, gem, rock, mineral, and mammal.