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  • 1818 Arkansas Journals


    Students will examine Henry R. Schoolcraft’s “Ozark Journal” (1818-1819) to better understand the physical geography and cultural history of Arkansas.

    After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, many explorers, both private and government-funded, set out to learn about the physical and human geography of this new acquisition. The land and people of Arkansas were a part of this study. Most early white settlements in Arkansas were centered around waterways, excluding those that flooded frequently. A census in 1820 numbered 14,255 inhabitants. A picture of Arkansas in the early 1800’s can be reviewed by reading from various sources, including the students’ textbook. In addition, Henry Schoolcraft’s Journal will describe the features of the north central part of Arkansas.

  • 1931 England Food Riot


    Students will begin by looking at America as a whole during the Depression. Students will then refine their perspective to a specific event, the England Food Riot, in Arkansas history that took place during that period. Students will look closer into the past by examining one family in that area. They will use resources for a predetermined task.

  • A Whole New World?


    Students will compare and contrast the lives of black Arkansans before and after the Civil War while utilizing various types of research sources.

    Discussion Questions:
    • Describe the lives of slaves both before and during the Civil War.
    • Explain the establishment of the Freedman’s Bureau and its effect on the ex-
    • Define what freedom meant.
    • Identify the effects the Reconstruction Acts had on African Americans in
    Arkansas (the 14th and 15th Amendments)
    • Examine what the ex-slaves wanted out of life.
    • Describe the realities for the ex-slaves – back to life on the farm.

  • All About Arkansas


    Students will hear a story about the state of Arkansas which includes the shape of Arkansas, where it is positioned within the United States, and describes each Arkansas symbol. After the story, the facts introduced in the book will be reinforced with learning games and table activities.

  • Arkansans


    Third grade lesson plan which will ask students to research, read, and analyze information about the lives of important Arkansans and their contributions to society. Studnets will also write a biography about the Arkansan.

  • Arkansas African American History Makers


    Formatted as a coloring book, Arkansas African American History Makers is a project which was coordinated by the Arkansas Martin Luther Jr. Commission. The purpose of the resource is to educate youth about the accomplishments of some important Arkansans. Twenty different African American history makers are highlighted in the fields of sports, music, business, education and government. This project is an ongoing educational process that will feature many different history makers over time.

  • Arkansas and the Civilian Conservation Corps


    Students will analyze primary sources to understand the context of the Great Depression. Students will then research multiple resources, such as the online Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture, to understand the CCC and the role it played at Petit Jean State Park. Students will arrange their information in a graphic organizer as a means to understand key concepts, as well as relationships between past, present and future. Students will use resources for a predetermined task.

  • Arkansas Animals: A Story of Change


    In this lesson students will review the species of animals that have become extinct since the last ice age. They will also learn about the actions of early Europeans that caused the loss of some animal species in Arkansas and about the successful reintroduction of three species. Students will examine the human activities that threaten animals today and research a specific animal in Arkansas that is affected by our ever-increasing number of roads. Finally, students will learn about efforts to reduce road kill on U.S. highways and ways that they can help Arkansas’ animal populations.

  • Arkansas Civil War Bandits and Outlaws


    Students will study civilian Arkansans during the Civil War. These Arkansans, who held down the home front during the Civil War, faced many challenges, including outlaw bands know as Jayhawkers who ravaged the people and the land. Additionally, students may study the events leading up to the war and the post Civil War era.

  • Arkansas Civil War Drama


    In this lesson students will examine the impact of the Civil War on the economic, social, and political systems of Arkansas. After studying the Civil War, each student will research an assigned character from this era. Students will then write their parts and perform them together in a role-playing simulation.